ENKEL - Asma iskele elektrikli dış cephe sistemleri.



We offer very advantageous prices Within the campaign for suspended scaffolding. Please call us immediately or write to us for more information.

asma iskele kiralama

Are you curious about our price of suspended platforms? Then call us immediately, the customer manager help you instantly according to your needs. You can easy rent platforms with advantageous prices and high service quality. The electric suspended scaffold is an extremely useful and highly preferred facade access system.


With its high loading capacity, ease of use, safety and versatility, our platforms can be used with every kind of building facades, bridges, ships and cleaning, elevator shafts. Once you have benefited from the rental services of our company, we believe you will accept that you have made the right choice, especially if t scaffoldings are not possible to use, the suspended scaffold is an indispensable tool.


We know how important this type of equipment is to be safety, so we test our products after every step of manufacturing, so that our products are sure to have CE certifications, because we value our reputation as ENKEL.


It is so easy to use rental service of electric suspended scaffold and has many advantages, some of which are listed below.


İskele sepetinin eni şantiyede ayarlanabilme özelliği ve diğer kolaylıklar sayısında elektrikli asma iskelenin kullanımı oldukça rahattır ve her türlü dış cephe montajlarında (cephe kaplama, cephe giydirme, boya, vs.) ve cam temizliğinde kullanılabilir. 



Your middle and short term advantage without investing your money in expensive equipment;
Depolama avantajı;
Storage advantage;
Advantage of wear, depreciation and maintenance;
Minimum Cost Principle
Quick Service Facilities
Advantages of CE certificates that support the safety of the suspended scaffold;
The advantage of maintenance making by our professional staff make maintenance every 6 months;
asma iskele resim
asma iskele resim
asma iskele resim
asma iskele resim
asma iskele resim
asma iskele resim
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