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Suspended Platfroms Operation Manual


We produce platforms according to Safety and Health Regulations for Construction. Please read operation manual before using. Please click link below to download manual.


What Do Safety and Health Regulations Include?


Suspended scaffoldings TS EN 1808 standard – Hanging access equipment covers safety rules and includes in detail about safety.


How is the Suspended Scaffold Periodic Inspection Maintenance making?


Sistem mutlaka her 6 ayda bir yetkili kılınmış firma tarafından kontrol edilmeli ve bakım servisi verilmeli. Üretici firma, yetkili servis dışında herhangi bir başkası tarafından yapılan bakım ve değişen yedek parçadan ötürü meydana gelebilecek hasar ve kazalarda hiçbir sorumluluk kabul etmez. – İskelenin uzun süre kullanılmadığı durumlarda, kullanmadan önce mutlaka bakım yapılmalı. – Tüm hareketli parçalar yağlanmalı. – Motor redüktör yağı kontrol edilmeli. Azaldı ise tamamlanmalı. Yağ özelliği için Yetkili Servise danışın.


The system must be checked by the authorized company every 6 months. The manufacturer accepts no responsibility for any damage or accidents caused by maintenance and changing spare parts other than the authorized service. – If the platfrom is not used for a long time, it must be serviced before use. – All moving parts must be lubricated. – Check engine gear oil. If it is reduced, it should be completed. Consult the Authorized Service for oil properties.


Reducer Oil Replacement The gear unit gear oil must be renewed by an authorized dealer every six months. Cart on the ground 1mt. Up is upgraded. Following the manual landing procedure, the brake pin is lifted and released suddenly for a short time. If the basket stops at the moment the brake is closed, it is in good condition. If the basket slips before stopping, notify the Authorized Service.


Suspended Scaffolding Installation


Upon initial installation, our installation training is provided by our experts on demand free of charge, so that when our customer needs a new installation, they never fold their extra costs.

Call us when you want to consult.

The suspended access equipment should only be operated and maintained by qualified personnel with adequate technical training.

Personnel in the platform should wear safety helmet and be fastened to safety rope with safety strap as required by relevant regulations.

The platform must be protectively grounded and the load applied on the platform should be roughly distributed in a even way. It is prohibited to have the platform overloaded or to operate the platform with the hoists or safety lock with the trouble.

When the platform is in its normal operation, it is prohibited to manually brake the motors or safety lock, so as to prevent and accident from happening.

During operation of platform, the operator should keep an eye on the platform’s operation condition and promptly shoot any hidden trouble possibly leading to accidents.

When the limit switch is activated, the operation of platform will automatically halted and the buzzer will signal the alarm. Under the circumstances, lower the platform promptly to have the limit switch be away from the stopper.

The platform should be adjusted promptly if it is tilting and the height drop of two ends should be no higher than 15cm.

In case of power break during operation, shut down the power first. If it is needed to have the suspended platform lowered back onto the ground, use same method of ‘5.2.4 manual descending inspection’ to operate the electromagnetic brakes at the same time to have the platform lowered smoothly onto the ground.

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Wire Rope

In our scaffolds, four ropes of 8.3 mm galvanized are used. Two rope climbing rope and the other two rope is the safety rope. 4 rope has the smallest force of 20 tons. The ropes are checked by our experts when our rented scaffolding returns to our warehouse.

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Safety Lock

Safety lock is a separate mechanical unit that can automatically lock safety wire rope when the working wire rope is broken or the suspended platform tilts to its limits.

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Upper L'm'ts

Upper limit stopper is set on the upper working area of the suspended platform

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Electronic Overload Sensor

In case of overloading the basket, or in case of any possible obstruction in the front of the basket in the up position, it interrupts the control current to the output contactor and stops the output.

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Phase Protection

It is designed to prevent overheating of the motors due to 3-phase electric motors remaining in 2 phases or one of the phases falling. In addition, if the phases are reversed in the main panel, the direction of the phase can be changed easily and quickly without removing the plug with paco switch on the panel. This allows the scaffold to work in the right direction.

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Electromagnetic Brake

If it is needed to have the suspended platform lowered back onto the ground, use same method of manual descending inspection’ to operate the electromagnetic brakes at the same time to have the platform lowered smoothly onto the ground. 6.9 The working wire rope

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