Because of universal modular system of the platfrom, you can easily work on geometrically complex facades. The basket of platfrom consists of 3 modules, 3 meters, 2 meters, 1 meter, this will allow you to mount it 1 meter long, 2 meters, 3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters, 6 meters.


The team of qualified professionals will provide support in any situation, as quickly as possible,. The guarantee for us is not only the observance of regulatory laws, for us it is the result of painstaking work from engineer to welder and as a reward your confidence in the flawless work of the suspended platfrom.


Suspended platforms manufactured by ENKEL SUSPENDED PLATFORM are popular in the countries of the European Union, South America, North Africa, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan. ENKEL - YOUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE!


Companies whose main activity is the rental of construction equipment can take advantage of our profitable after-sales service programs.

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- "I think it is the most important thing in every job that the supplier does not leave you to the frivolity at the last moment, the delivery of the suspended piers we have rented on time and the assembly of it to the facade.

Hüseyn Çelik
Şantiye şefi

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- "I never forget how we met the ENKEL team a few years ago, we still use only your platforms and keep in touch.”

Merve Aydın
"İş Güvenliği"

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- "Our job is cleaning the facade and our most important equipment is the suspended platforms, we rent it from ENKEL.

Mustafa Koç
Cephe Ustası

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- "I have been working for six years in the company of glass and aluminum. My friend who worked before me was using the heavy scaffolding, and was it hard to mount and unmount it we hade used it before we met Enkel"

Sefa Alaca
Şantiye Şefi

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- "We have 30 years of constriction experience. The front of the building is thing people first see and according to the façade, our customers decide whether the houses look beautiful or not.

Ertan Özdemir

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- "Efficiency, quality and price is very important is so important in constriction, in this case ENKEL is number one."

Erhan Kaya
Satın Alma

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- "I would recommend ENKEL suspended platforms to my friends and colleagues , what more can I add."

Koray Korkmaz

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- "Electric suspended platforms are the best, just think you don’t have to climb on the scaffolding and carry loaded cement and sandbags.

Burak Pala

Asma iskeke konusunda bizi arayrak bilg alabilirsiniz.

Suspended platfroms

Suspended platfroms rent

Enkel firması kurulum ve montaj garantili ve güvenli bir şekilde yapmaktadır.

Suspended platfroms mautning

Enkel asma iskelelerimiz güvenli ve İSG ye uygundur.

Suspended platfroms safety

Firmazın bünyesinde bakım uzmanlar tarafından yapılmaktadır.

Suspended platfroms maintenance

Enkel firması hereketkli pkatform üretim, satış ve kırama hızmeti sunmaktadır.

Mast platform

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