Mast climbing work platform

Mast platform.

Mast lifts are indispensable, in their significance, equipment that is widely used in a wide variety of areas of construction and warehouse activities. The lifting of bulky goods to a building under construction or being repaired, the use of a large warehouse as an element of the transport network is not a complete list of options for using mast lifts from the Enkel company.

asma iskele satış

Mast climbing work platform

Our mast platform provides access to the façades in a very convenient, practical and economical way with the assurance of Enkel.

Why choose Enkel when buying a moving platform?


Max height 150 mt

Max platfrom width 30 mt

Max weight capacity 2000 kg

Max speed 6,5 mt/min

380 V energy

Mast size 505 x 525 x 1489 mm

Wing size 1500 x 1000 x 835 mm

Masr weight 78kg

ENKEL | mast platform ENKMP4000

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