Suspended Scaffolding



Our electrical suspended platforms provides reliable operation by our company according to TS EN 1808 standard. We use safety ropes biseds of climbing rope, for unusual uncontrol situation, the safety lock is activated. The ropes we use are 8.3 mm in diameter and galvanized. Our motors equipped with the latest overloading technology prevents platfroms from being overloaded with effective load sensors inside of the motor. All our production galvanized, so our products are long life and stainless. All parts used in our machines are CE certified and are checked by our engineers before our customers start to use.

asma iskele platform

Suspended platform

The temporarily installed suspended access equipment is multipurpose and highly efficient construction machinery applicable to work at heights. It is a substitute of traditional scaffold used for exterior wall construction, decoration, cleaning and maintenance of high-rising buildings, such as mortaring, decorating walls with mosaic, painting, fixing windows and cleaning etc. It is also ideal for applications such as installation of elevators, the welding of seagoing ship in ship building industry, cleaning of oil-based paint, big –size tanks, high chimneys, bridges and large dams.


Our double suspended platforms are designed to speed up your job, allowing you to work in the wider area, you can fınısh your job faster and more practical way. Sometimes the curtain wall manufacturers use suspended platform to fix the curtain wall , such as screwing bolt, smearing waterproofing sealant. If the glass is big,then using double suspended platform is a good choice.

çift platform
tırmanma motoru

Hoist LTD 6,3

Enkel electric suspended platforms use 2 pcs of1.5 kW 380 volt 3-phase powerful electric motors with aluminum gear box, easily climbing with 16 cm/sec (9,5 mt/min.). speed and lift 630 kg.


Our control box waterproof with IP62 and has SMARTBY® Features, all the processors are in a controlled and microchip inside, provides make a soft start and use electronic overload sensors which prevent damage system and have very small size.

elrktikli asma iskele
blok stop emniyet kilidi


Safety lock is a separate mechanical unit that can automatically lock safety wire rope when the working wire rope is broken or the suspended platform tilts to its limits.


The suspended mechanism is the heavy-duty steel frame structure erected at top of working profile as the supporting equipment, bearing the rated and the load of the platform. Each suspended access equipment take two sets of suspension mechanism. The force applied by the suspension mechanism on the building or supporting structure shall meet relevant loading requirements of building structure.

elrktikli asma iskele mobil ağırlık askı sistemi
asma iskele işkence askı sistemi


Parapet clamps, also called parapet consoles are used to suspend a scaffold, a cradle or individual seat from the parapet of a building. Parapet clamps can also be used to attach an equipment lifting hoist. Using parapet clamps is recommended for new construction sites. The strength of the parapet should be verified with the architect. Parapet clamps are attachment elements that are very easy to install because they are small and do not weigh too much.


Ascend speed

9,6 mt/min

Motor Power

2*1,5 KW


1420 dev/min


380 V

Braking Torque

15 Nm

Steel Rope Angle Adjusting Range


Front beam extent

150 cm

Platform Type


Count of module

(1mt+2mt+3mt) 3 pcs

Suspended Platform Size(length. x width. x height.)

6mt х 69cm х 118cm

Platfrom weight

410 kg

Weight Of Suspension Mechanism

175 kg x 2 pcs

Balance Weight

1000 kg

Total Weight

1830 kg

Wire Rope Radious

8,3 mm

Max Height

150 mt

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Asma iskele | hızlı çözüm

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Asma iskele | kolay cam cephe montajı

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Asma iskele | çalışma halinde

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Asma iskele | titiz calışma

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